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Jack Kerouac

The Jack Kerouac Collection

Jack Kerouac- American Haiku

Jack Kerouac reading ” American Haiku ” a number of original Haiku read to some jazz riffs- From my blog Gord’s Poetry Factory at gordspoetryfactory.blogspot.com & my website gordscafe at gordscafe.tripod.com

Gordon Coombes on 2013/01/15 03:20:09

Jack Kerouac: Writing Lesson

Kerouac’s “Belief & Technique for Modern Prose.” I keep coming back to Jack Kerouac for inspiration. He was kind of a Buddha for the Beat Generation (except that he, uh, drank himself to death at an early age… oops). He cultivated both spontaneity and craft. He became an icon to thousands of young people with road fever but could have equally been a role model for the serious pursuit of any skill (pile of notebooks, endless revisions — except for the, uh, methamphetamine part). Very Zen.

Susan Barrett Price on 2013/01/13 07:42:52

Jack Kerouac

mono1980 on 2012-11-18 15:02:19
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